Self Hypnosis For Sugar Addiction


Stop Sugar Cravings Hypnosis Download


There is a growing awareness of the harmful effects of too much sugar in your diet which is why we created this self hypnosis for sugar addiction audio to help clients who experience sugar cravings. We know that many of our customers find it incredibly difficult to curb their need for sugar. Many find themselves eating sugary foods at almost every meal and it is not unusual for some of our clients to eat three or four chocolate bars in one sitting. In most cases the extent of their sugar binges is hidden from family and friends. When a problem with sugar is this problematic then professional help is usually needed to take back control.*

Our hypnosis for sugar addiction mp3 download has been designed to make sugar seem less attractive to you. In particular our audio contains subconscious suggestions to help you understand the harm that sugar is doing to your body. Our audio has also been created to help you manage anxiety and stress levels. We know that these are important triggers for some sugar binges. *

We never recommend that our clients give up sugar completely as this is unrealistic for many people and is liable to create feelings of failure. Instead we suggest that your sugar intake is reduced bit by bit until your consumption is at normal levels. We want our clients to be able to take or leave it rather than thinking of it as a diet staple.

Listen to our Self Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction audio for a period of at least twenty one days to get best results. If you also have a problem with your weight then we have a number of weight loss downloads in our online shop which can help you. Our Ultimate Weight Loss program or Gastric Band Hypnosis program can assist you with self hypnosis for cravings, portion sizes, emotional eating and positive visualisation.*

*Disclaimer – Please note that as our audios are not tailored to each individual buyers we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.


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