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At Nottingham Weight Loss Hypnosis we want to make sure that our programs are a good fit for you. All our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham programs start with a totally free telephone assessment before we agree to book sessions with you. This no-obligation telephone discussion gives you the opportunity to ask questions about our therapy so you can be fully informed about our services. During this call, we also spend time asking you about any issues which may be impacting your relationship with food. To arrange your assessment you can either email us or call us on 01636 650 521.

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What we offer in Our Hypnosis for Weight Loss Programs

At our clinics in West Bridgford and Newark in Nottinghamshire, we offer therapy to assist our clients to take back control over their eating patterns. This therapy does not involve you going on a strict diet and certainly does not recommend food replacement shakes, restrictive eating, cutting our food groups or spending every hour of the day in the gym. We know that whilst many diets allow you to lose a certain amount of weight in the short term they do not work over longer periods of time. Instead, we will ask you to follow mindful eating practices, fill our regular food diaries, listen to self-hypnosis audios and examine the emotions that are causing you to eat.  This means that input from yourself will be required to make the sessions work. We have had considerable success with many clients however we do not sell magical one session cures as they do not exist.*

Our Weight Loss Success Stories

Many of our clients have experienced success following our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham programs. Meet Alan who came to see us for help with weight loss. When he started his weight loss program he weighed in at just under twenty-seven stone. Over the course of our five-session program we examined the reasons why he was overeating and created new healthier habits. Alan was given regular hypnosis sessions to boost his motivation and willpower and we also conducted gastric band hypnosis to trick the subconscious into eating less. By the end of our sessions together he had lost nearly two stone. We continued to support Alan with regular email updates once per week to keep him on track. Within a year he weighed nearly seven stone less. He recently sent us an update and pictures of his progress. He has now lost a whopping ten stone and as you can see from his pictures no longer fits in his old clothes.*

*Disclaimer – Please note we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person therefore Alan’s results may differ from any work we do with other clients.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Downloads

Whilst our therapy is usually carried out on a one to one basis we also sell a range of audios that can be used at home to tackle common weight loss problems. Our best selling weight loss program uses self-hypnosis to address portion size, cravings and emotional eating and can be purchased online today.*

Weight Loss Hypnosis Download

Who is Suitable for Weight Loss Hypnosis?

Weight loss hypnotherapy can be used with most clients providing there is no underlying physical or medical reason for weight problems. In particular, we use weight loss hypnosis to:

  • Change Habits and Negative Behaviour
  • As a Stress Management Tool
  • To Assist Emotional and Comfort Eating
  • To Assist with Anxiety Eating
  • To Address Low Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Help Depression Associated with Food Issues
  • To Manage Sugar Cravings With Therapy*

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If you would like to book a Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham program or talk to a therapist then contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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*Disclaimer – Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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