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At Nottingham Weight Loss Hypnosis we are experts in helping our clients to address food issues related to emotions. Our Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating programs have been created to assist our clients to recognise the triggers for their comfort eating and then to find new healthier eating patterns. Emotional eating is incredibly common and generally something that is a learned from early childhood. Did you get sweets as a reward for being good from your parents? Were biscuits or cakes helpful when you fell over and hurt yourself to distract yourself from the pain? It is no wonder that children learn to associate food with emotions and once the pattern is created it then starts to happen automatically and without you consciously thinking about it.*

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Emotional Eating Causes

Our clients who suffer from emotional eating problems usually fit into two categories.

Eating and Happiness – This is where the food is used as a reward. Perhaps your are feeling stressed or anxious? The brain remembers the pattern learned in childhood and automatically reaches out for the food to forget about the unwanted feelings if only in the short term. The pattern becomes habitual so it isn’t long before these rewards or treats are happening daily rather than just once in a while. Our Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating is used to help you break these unhelpful patterns and also to help you understand that the extra food is no longer useful for you but has now become a problem.*

Low Self Esteem and Negative Feelings – Food is also often used a a form of punishment for many people. They feel that they are not good enough, not worthy or not loved and the food becomes a way of either putting on weight to further punish the person or alternatively used as a way of dissociating from the unhelpful feelings. If you are one of our clients who is experiencing this form of eating then we assist you through therapy to work through these feelings and help you replace them with more positive ones.*

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How to Overcome Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can be helped with hypnosis, NLP and coaching for a number of reasons:

Habit Changing – Many people who are overeating do so simply because it is a habit. The habit is ingrained because the same behaviours have been repeated many times over the years. Hypnosis can be used to break the old patterns of behaviour and replace them with something new and positive.*

Positive Thinking and Suggestions – Suggestion hypnosis and positive thinking can be used to boost confidence, willpower and motivation. These are techniques that many Olympic Athletes use as part of their training to perform better. When you are feeling more positive and better about yourself it is easier to reach your goals.*

Analytical Understanding – If you  don’t understand why you have a problem with overeating then it can sometimes be difficult to alter your behaviour. If you are very relaxed in hypnosis it is usually possible to understand the root cause of a clients problem. That makes is easier for therapy to be directed at the real problem rather than unhelpful guessing.*

Weight Loss Hypnosis Downloads

We assist our clients through one to one therapy and also through our many weight loss hypnosis downloads. We currently have a number of audios which can be purchased in our online store to assist with everything from binge eating to sugar addiction. Our best selling weight loss download program can assist with portion control, cravings and emotional eating. *

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*Disclaimer – As this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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