The Ultimate Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Program


The Ultimate Self Hypnosis  Weight Loss Program


Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download

We have created the Ultimate Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Program for clients who are unable to attend one to one sessions with our therapists. Our program consists of four hypnosis downloads to assist you to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Each audio has been professionally recorded in a studio with a sound engineer and is of the highest mp3 quality. The audios should be listened to in order so that you tackle some of the common problems associated with weight loss failure. *

Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

The first audio in our self hypnosis weight loss program is “Weight Loss Mindset”. This mp3 download is there to assist you to get your mind focused on your weight loss plans. In particular it will assist with motivation and confidence building for success. We suggest that this download is listened to for at least four days right at the start of your program.*

Next is our “Portion Control Audio” which is there to assist you with mindful eating. Many people find that they eat much more than they need to because they are distracted or are not paying attention to what they are eating. In this audio you are given subconscious suggestions to help you recognise the natural signals that your body is telling you about when you are full and when you are hungry. ¬†Mindful eating can be a great way of reducing what you eat without ever feeling hungry.*

For people who experience cravings then our “Kill Food Cravings” mp3 download can assist you to regain control over your need to overeat. The tips and strategies contained in the audio can assist you in changing old unwanted habits and managing cravings when they appear so that you can stay focused on your goals.*

Finally our last audio in the series delivers subconscious suggestions to assist with emotional and comfort eating. In particular we use visualisation techniques to help you to practice success. Emotional and comfort eating can derail weight loss efforts as it happens so automatically you do not even associate the emotion with the food. This audio helps you to slow down that process so you can start to see the connections in your mood and what you put in your mouth so that you create new patterns of behaviour.*

Our four part self hypnosis weight loss program is available to purchase today in our online store. Please note it should never be used when you need to be alert or are operating machinery.*





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