Hypnosis for Food Addiction Nottingham

Hypnosis Food Addiction NottinghamHypnotherapy for Food Addiction

A food addiction is when you find it difficult to manage or control your consumption of food. Although many people may find this is particularly related to high calorie foods such as takeaways or sugary foods for some people there is a need to eat too much of any food that is around.  Most food addicts will be overweight because of the excessive food intake but there are some people who manage to maintain a normal weight by purging or extreme exercise. Our hypnosis for food addiction Nottingham is designed to assist you to understand the psychological reasons for the problem and then address that problem with therapy.*

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Many clients who come to see us for their problem assume it is because they are lazy, greedy or compulsive eaters by nature but this is highly unlikely. When we ask our clients to tell us about their eating patterns as a child is is very unlikely that they will have been overeating when they were very young. The problem usually starts to manifest in later childhood and this is typically because of an upset that changed the childs relationship with food. Typical issues that we may see include divorces, bereavement, stays in hospital, changes in schools as well as anxiety and abuse.*

Why Diets and Surgery Don’t Help

When we run our hypnosis for food addiction in Nottingham we never place our clients on a diet. This is because although in the short term diets may help in the long term they usually fail. This is because the underlying psychological reason for the addiction to food has never been addressed. A perfect example of this is obesity surgery such as the gastric band. Many clients find that the band does not work for them because they find a way to cheat it. So even though they have paid thousands of pounds for surgery they still find a way to overeat and stretch the band.*

Diets also are a great way of making a person feel bad about themselves. When people fail at a diet they often experience negative feelings and which only tend to fuel the problematic underlying emotion and amplify it causing the need to eat even more to feel better.

Overcoming Food Addiction

At our clinics in Nottinghamshire we are using therapeutic techniques to help resolve the problematic and conflicting emotions involved in eating. We start all our food addiction clients on a five session program of therapy to address the problem. The first sessions are spent information gathering and looking at the extent of the problem whilst the later sessions are spent using deep analytical hypnosis techniques to look for the unresolved emotional upset. Once we have more information on what the problem may be then we can start to direct our therapy at the real issue.*

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Food Addiction Help

We always use hypnosis in our sessions because it helps us to get to the heart of our clients problem much quicker than many other forms of therapy. This is because hypnosis involves a relaxed focused state allowing our clients to remember or feel the emotions that are usually consciously hidden. Hypnosis does not involve sleep or any state where you are unable to control yourself. Instead you will be fully aware of what is happening and what you are saying your sessions but the relaxed trance will make it easier for you to access what is going on at the back of your mind.*

Self Hypnosis for Food Addiction

For clients who are unable to come to our clinics in Nottinghamshire or are unable to use online Skype or Facetime hypnosis we also sell a number of self hypnosis for weight loss audios in our online store which may help with your problem. Our Ultimate Weight Loss Program has a series of audios to address portion control, weight loss mindset, cravings and emotional eating.*

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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