7 Ways to Achieve Natural Weight Loss

Weight Loss therapy NottinghamChange Your Mind, Change Your Body

The problem with most diets is that they simply aren’t natural. You force yourself to eat less calories than your body needs, you cut out food groups and you end up fed up and hungry. It is no wonder that after a while this form of diet can be impossible to sustain and before you know it you start to rebel and eat even more than before. This is why we use hypnosis, coaching and NLP to assist our clients with natural weight loss. Instead of forcing our clients to do something we help them recognise their bodies signals of hunger and fullness. We combine this with an awareness of emotions and eating patterns so that it becomes easier to spot when food is being used as a comfort instead of for hunger.

Weight Loss Hypnosis can make a huge difference to eating patterns because it works with your body and mind rather than against it. The mind plays a huge part in healthy weight loss and without getting it on board then you are fighting a losing battle. This is why so many weight loss surgery patients end up putting on all the weight again.  Without changing the underlying emotions related to these eating patterns the battle with food continues. At our weight loss hypnosis Nottingham clinics we assist our clients to understand the underlying causes for their problem and then assist them to make positive change.

Use Mindfulness

Mindful eating is a great technique to help you get in tune with your body. When you really pay attention to what you are eating without any distractions is becomes so much easier to be able to notice when you are full or hungry. The problem with modern day life is that we are in such a rush that we are always trying to multi task. That means eating our lunch when looking at the computer. Grazing on food whist you are preparing meals for the family and so on. This means you are eating at times when you aren’t really hungry because you haven’t taken a small moment to really listen to what your body is telling you. When you stop all the distractions and take time out it becomes easier to notice what is really going on. This means that with a little practice you will soon find that you are cutting out unnecessary snacking and leaving food on your plate because you feel the fullness. This is an entirely natural weight loss method that is under used.

Stress Management NottinghamLearn to Relax

Most people are totally unaware that their overeating is created because they feel anxious or stressed. Many of our clients have come in to see us and swear that they are fine but on closer examination they have become so used to the stress that they have created a new normal. When we are stressed or anxious we start to make irrational decisions and think less clearly. This alone is a trigger for overeating and in extreme cases can create binge eating or even bulimia. Even worse stress changes our moods for the worse which means that comfort or emotional eating starts to become a factor. That means if you have had a bad day at the office and have worked long hours you are more likely to stop off at a takeaway on the way home to “treat yourself”. The problem is that these treats become a daily thing and before you know it you are eating in an unhealthy way all the time. Taking time out to relax and find time is key not only to managing your eating but to also looking after your general health.

Create Small Changes

Most people are impatient for immediate change which is why when they step on the scale they want to see themselves having lost pounds and pounds even after a very short space of time. These unrealistic goals mean that you are almost always setting yourself up for failure. It is much better to set yourself a small goal of losing one pound a week which is very achievable. If you were to make some small changes to your diet and lifestyle this means that you would be 52 pounds lighter at the end of the year. If however you decide to go on a starvation diet yes you will lose lots of weight quickly but you will find that very soon the weight begins to pile back on again and you will back where you started or even worse. Take it slow and steady and change one small thing at a time and everything will change for the better.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss NottinghamshireDo Not Overly Restrict Foods

Most dieters make a huge mistake by restricting certain foods. They resolve that they will never eat sugar again or that they will cut out all carbohydrates. Now as every dieter knows this will work in the short term however not in the long run. This is because a part of our brains is wired to badly  want what it can’t have. That means if we take something away from it then it will crave it even more. In the short term you are able to resist but in the long term this is unsustainable and before you know it you have given in and are now eating huge amounts of the food that you tried to restrict.

Life is all about finding a balance which means that a chocolate bar here or there is not going to harm your diet providing you are also eating other healthy foods. A little of what you fancy actually does you good as it prevents these binges. Start to allow your mind to see every food as abundant and you will find that naturally many of these cravings stop automatically and naturally.

Limit Processed Food

How many times have you eaten a takeaway or got a supermarket ready meal and really taken the time to think about what is in it? If you are doing this out of habit spend a little time examining the ingredients and then think about the nutritional value about what you are eating. The reality is that when you start to break down the food that makes up your cheap takeaway it doesn’t appear so palatable. Usually the meat will be poor quality, it will be swimming with oil and it may be highly spiced to disguise this. Now think about making your food from scratch. Cooking exactly the same meal only this time you are buying fresh ingredients, organic meat and vegetables and cooking it without the all the oil. What seems better to you? Know that you are worth more than rancid, cheap and poor quality food. You deserve to eat better. Think about what you are putting inside of you as much as you do to your appearance and move towards eating better quality meals.

Use Positive Thinking and Visualisation

Subconscious suggestions are a great way of helping to change the way you think. This form of mind enhancement tends to be used by athletes all over the world to improve their performance and the same can be used by people who want to eat healthier food and change bad habits. Depending on the messages given you can get help to boost your motivation and willpower, reduce your portion sizes and even trick your mind into believing it has a gastric band. We sell a number of hypnosis downloads in our online store that can assist our clients in their natural weight loss journeys. If you want to buy any of them and try self hypnosis at home then you can purchase them online today.

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