Hypnotherapy For Weight Gain

Hypnotherapy for Weight GainWeight Gain Hypnosis Nottinghamshire

Although we are clinic which deals with weight loss and eating disorder help we also assist clients who are looking to put on weight. The weight gain can for aesthetic reasons or for medical and health problems. As with all our treatments we are looking at the underlying reasons why our clients may have a problem and then we are assisting them to make positive changes to their food intake so that they safely start to gain weight. Our Hypnotherapy for Weight Gain  can be used in conjunction with other hypnosis techniques for maximum impact.*

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Weight Gain Transformation Hypnosis

We only work with clients who safely want to increase their weight for good underlying reasons. Here are just some of the issues that our hypnotherapy for weight gain can help with.

Some of our clients naturally feel that they are too thin. In particular they are looking to bulk up their bodies at the gym  and through healthy food choices because they feel self conscious about the way in which they look. With this form of hypnosis we are helping our clients to eat better quality food in larger quantities and to combine this with a program such as muscle building. We never encourage our clients to do anything that is unsafe however we are more than happy to help you get to an average weight and physique.*

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We also assist clients who find it difficult to eat certain foods because of fears and phobias. Emetophobia is a fear of being sick and people with the condition generally restrict their foods because they are worried about getting ill. This phobia can impact your health which is why our emetophobia hypnosis is designed to assist our clients to overcome their fears so that they can eat normally again.*

Finally we work with cancer patients who may have difficultly eating because of the side effects created by their chemotherapy or treatment. Anticipatory nausea is an anxiety condition which is created because the brain remembers the trauma of being sick following treatment. This means that when the person with the problem encounters similar situations to their triggers they feel as if they are going to be sick even if they have not had any treatment. Hypnosis and anxiety reduction has been shown to significantly improve this condition so that normal eating patterns can resume.*

Food Hypnosis Help

At our clinics we assist our clients with all forms of problems related to food and eating. Please note that we always work in a safe and professional manner and it is possible that where we have concerns about your health we may ask for your doctors approval before beginning any work. Our clinics assist with everything from binge eating and bulimia to weight gain and sugar addiction. If you would like to get more information about our Hypnotherapy for weight gain or would like information about any of our other treatments please call us today for more information about our treatments.*

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*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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